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Xiamen Jiansheng Plastics & Molds Co., Ltd., (originally Xiamen Jansheng Molding Factory founded in 1993) is a manufacturing company which is focused on precise Metal Stamping, Plastic Injections, Mold and Dies service, Painting. With fifteen years of experience in the business, and formulated under ISO9001: 2000, we have great pride in partnered with many prestige customers (Philips, Sharp, ABB and Epson, etc) in the design, tooling and production of metal and plastic parts of various merchandises. Excellent communication is the key to the effective customer service that you deserve.
You'll receive personal service and attention to detail from our responsive customer service personnel. We diligently follow your precision machining from concept to completion. You can depend on our experienced representatives to understand your exacting requirements, and convey them to our programmers, machinists, and inspectors for a successful end result. We are eager to cooperate with you for win... [Detailed]
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